A Look at Utah RV Rentals

To drive from the Great Salt Lake to Canyonlands National Park would take over five hours. The best way to visit them, and all the scenery between, is to rent an RV and make the journey your adventure. You can travel where you want and when you want, at a fraction of the price of buying an RV. Plus, if you don’t live in Utah you can easily fly or drive in and then rent your RV right before you hit the road. But make sure you’ve done your research before you leave.Since Utah has so many scenic areas, it’s relatively easy to find a Utah RV rental agency. Many are located around Salt Lake City, in easy reach of the airport, but others are clustered around the Canyonlands National Park in southern Utah.The most popular RV is the class-C motor home, and Utah RV rental agencies should have plenty in stock. These RVs are easy to drive, perfect for the first-time renter, and come with many comforts like beds, a toilet and shower, microwave and refrigerator, and heating and air-conditioning. You can also get them with a TV and DVD player. Many rental agencies also sell home-keeping packages, so that you don’t need to bring all your dishes with you when you travel.The summer is the most expensive time to rent an RV in Utah. The summer season is from early June to early September. Renting an RV for a week in the summer will probably cost over a $1000, compared to under $800 in the winter. It’s usually cheaper to rent by the week, not the day.

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