An Introduction to Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, or “Ski Town” as it is affectionately known, is one of the most charming and unique vacation destinations in the United States. The town prides itself as a place that offers world class service and amenities without the high prices. For the traveler tired of being taken advantage of, this attitude is very welcome. Steamboat Springs offers just as many exciting things to do in all four of the seasons. Visitors can choose between fast and exciting river rafting, water skiing, kayaking and canoeing as well as fishing and a myriad of other activities. There is also a downhill slide called “The Howler” that has people lined up in the warmer months for a fast paced ride down Howelson Hill.Steamboat Springs is also known for its western hospitality so bring your cowboy boots and belt buckles, kick up your heels, and be prepared to enjoy yourself. Go horseback riding, take part in a real cattle drive (remember the movie “City Slickers”?) or just set a spell and let all that tension from the city fade away into a sunset so beautiful it will bring tears to your eyes. Here you can enjoy some of the best barbeque east of the Rocky Mountains or choose from a variety of four star restaurants that any major metropolitan city would be proud to claim as its own.In Steamboat Springs you’re in good company for whatever suits you. Want to put your athletic abilities to the test? Steamboat Springs has been the training ground for more Olympians than any town in North America, so if you’re using your vacation to get ready for the next triathlon, you’ve come to the right place. Mostly, the atmosphere is lighthearted and casual with a climate that brings out the best in everyone who visits. Kids especially, enjoy the many recreational activities that are designed exclusively for them – without their parents. Come one, come all for a good time, any time in Steamboat Springs.

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