Honeymooning in the Poconos

In 1945, a soldier named Rudolf Von Hoevenberg opened the first resort for honeymooners — called “The Farm on the Hill”. He started a trend for many more honeymoon-type resort entrepreneurs to open business and “”couples only”” resorts were born. Costs of these resorts range from $250 to $600 per night. But those who have experienced a Poconos honeymoon will tell you that it is money well spent. You end up paying for a resort equipped with heart-shaped bathtubs and whirlpools, log fireplace and round, king-sized beds.Some prices are inclusive of two meals, activities and entertainment. The most well known resort is Caesars Pocono Resort.Operating in the Poconos for the last 47 years, the entranceway of Caesars has welcomed over 18,000 honeymoon couples. This luxurious establishment has four levels of pleasure waiting for you and your loved one. And they go all-out to pamper couples: dry sauna, steam shower, massage table with heat lamp, and breakfast in bed. A honeymoon concierge is also on hand at the resort to give you information that will make your vacation run more smoothly. They include transportation and can assist with information regarding on- and off-resort activities.Some resorts offer activities such as water-skiing, golf, indoor and outdoor tennis, paddle boating, snow skiing and snowmobiling. You can explore your own activities away from the resort. After all, in the Poconos, there is really never a dull moment. Go sailing, or take a walk on one of the lovely beaches. Have a romantic picnic in the park or by the lake. Whatever you do, ensure that you get back to your love den just in time for nightly entertainment, which some resorts include as part of your all-inclusive package.

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