There’s Nothing Like a Poconos Vacation!

The first tourists who occupied riverside houses as far back as the 1800s experienced this ultimate relaxation. Situated in Pennsylvania, getting there is quite easy since it’s accessible from major cities like New York, New Jersey, Boston and Philadelphia.From hopeless romantics, to retirees, family and friends, those who visit the Poconos will agree that it is habit forming. The woodlands and mountains which frame picturesque lakes, rivers and enticing waterfalls as you drive by, seem to serve as the perfect welcome mat for all the fun which lies ahead.Lovers of the sea won’t get enough of canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing and rafting, Poconos-style. And if you feel at one with nature, you can hike on one of the challenging trails or experience dirt/ mountain biking.There are over 30 state and national parks to visit and golf can be enjoyed at one of the 60-plus locations. Take a walk down memory lane by visiting historical museums and parks and even preserve a picture of some of the Poconos’ historical railroads for posterity. The Poconos are the home of quaint galleries, NASCAR racing, outlet shopping and hitting the slopes for some intense skiing action.Skiing is no doubt synonymous with the Poconos. In 1946, Big Boulder became the first commercial ski area opened in Pennsylvania. Ten years later, the process of man-made snow was patented, perfected and the Pocono Mountains were introduced as a ski destination in the Big Boulder Ski area. Some of the hot skiing spots during winter include Alpine Mountain, Shawnee, Blue Mountain, Camelback and Jack Frost to name a few, with over 20 trails to choose from.

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