Where to Stay in Steamboat Springs

There are enough hotels and condominiums available for rent in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, that one week in each and you’d be there for the better part of two years. From the downtown area to the base of the mountains you’ll find a dazzling array of hotels in Steamboat Springs — from modestly priced motel rooms to the most luxurious ski lodges you could possibly imagine. And as is the case these days in any desirable resort area, there are condos available everywhere. For such a small town it’s hard to believe that there are over 5,000 rooms available for rent.The price range is impressive as well. Probably the cheapest room you could get during the winter skiing season in Steamboat Springs will cost you about $150 per night. And should you hit the lottery and end up in one of the luxurious Steamboat Springs hotels to celebrate, you might end up paying as much as $700 per night for the privilege.There are motels with coffee shops where you can get some donuts and coffee before hitting the slopes all the way up to the luxury hotels some of which offer a sumptuous buffet with everything imaginable waiting for you to help start your day. It all depends on your pocket book and what it is that you wish to experience while you are visiting Steamboat Springs.There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to Steamboat Springs bed & breakfast style lodging. There are eight establishments around town that fall into this category and they range in price from about $100 to $300 per night. The most famous one is called Moving Mountains, a lodge that recreates the look and feel of a traditional European mountain chalet. Located on Steamboat Mountain about a mile and a half from the base and close to the Thunderbird high-speed quad lifts, you will see remarkable views of the surrounding environment from both inside your room and from the outdoor hot tub. Eat there and you’ll be served by a four star gourmet chef who will create dishes usually reserved for four star European restaurants. Hire one of their limousines to drive you around the area and you’ll feel like a king surveying his mountain kingdom. Unbeatable luxury for a fraction of the price it would cost you anywhere outside of Steamboat Springs.

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